34 summers of existence, already, alright…

Summer……..coffin like heat bleeds like Arizona,

Feeds like rage on sunsets washed out blues and yellows,

Don’t even mind,

Don’t even care,

Resting, aching, reminding, retelling, remodeling self-notions

That whimper and wail for bring backs, take ways, and think of me’s,

If I try and out run the sun will the rays reach the end,

If I try and out frighten the moon will the lights begin to sway,

Break neck pace,

Heel crunching hand swept goodbye,

For now,

For rest,

They missed the canvas wool straight from the dust on sweaters that have been tucked away on the top shelf for two seasons away,

Steam from cup,

Drip from drunk,

Dry from mouth,

Throat to lung,



This is quick,

This is quickness,

And speed is word, and words are hard and sound is form,

Form for calm, come to sooth, and come to soon,

Forward shake,

And forward dance

And sway

And beauty

And want

And play……


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