Film Short- Poetry

Well, it has been pretty damn freezing here in North Texas this last week!  I feel like I am back home in the Sierra Nevada’s except I am not.  I sold a few paintings this week, so I am on a high despite not being able to go out and brave the bitter chill in my studio, known as Jeremy’s garage.  I have been on a mental explosion of creative thought during this “freeze” so it has been frustrating not being able to paint.  I have done quite a bit of design, video and forecasting for my fashion line “Veritas” but my creative thirst has been unable to be quenched the last few days, which means me staying up until 3 or 4am writing out ideas (in my idea journal) or watching foreign films.  Early this morning at about 12:15am I looked out the window (I had been waiting the entire night previous for snow flakes to fall) and snow was pouring from the sky, so I ran outside to play after screaming “THE SNOW IS HERE!  IT IS HERE!” in the house scaring our roommates half to death.  I took my little Flip cam and recorded some small clips to go with a poem I wrote the night before.  I didn’t write much poetry in 2010 due to finishing my first novel and starting a second.  I needed to keep feeding my creative fire so I decided to put together a little spoken word piece.  I also haven’t created any music in the last few years, so i figured it is a perfect time to create sound as well.  Anyways, here is the finished project.  A little sloppy.  But that is how I like things anyways, imperfect, blemished, and raw.  I hope you enjoy it.

Sacrament of Winter
Heavy sounds ring like madness in the still
while the chill of ice on wind is felt upon
fingertips & slow breathing,

steam from the cup filled warmth
sings mighty in in the vast winter eve

pen remembers paper and thoughts forget names and faces,
long gone, they are long gone,

the street lamp rests alone on the corner with frozen liquid between
the steels ridges and cracks
like ones identity wrapped up in design and flaw,
its only february,
the second step for a new year

unwind, unwind and fall into moments of literary depth
from shelves of old
listening to stories from generations of grandfathered words,
rest by the fire as flames speak of all that is good and passed onward,

this is time stood still
this is the sacrament of reconciling what once was
and still could be.


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