Bon Iver, David Ramirez, Penny & Sparrow, Nico Stai and Seryn.

I wanted to share some music and video of a few artists who are inspiring my work in the last few months.  A few are friends, all are peers and some I hope to interview or meet down the road for my Hypervocal column “Engaging Culture”.  I have watched each of these videos multiple times in the last few weeks throughout my day of creating all sorts of random things.  So, I hope that you enjoy them in your visual modus operandi.  If you are in Austin for SXSW on March 9th, I would like to invite you out to our show.  The poster is below and Seryn, the last video on this short list is headlining.  Hope you will visit our little town and have a pint on me!

     Bon Iver at AIR Studios.

     David Ramirez: Stick Around

     Penny and Sparrow: Creature

     Nico Stai: The Skies Over Your Head


Our SXSW poster that I created for the event.


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