Degas, Woody Allen and my Humble Studio in Austin.

“My art, what do you want me to say about it?  Do you think you can explain the merits of a picture to those who do not see them?…I can find the best and clearest words to explain my meaning, and I have spoken them to the most intelligent people about art, and they have not understood; but among people who understand, words are not necessary, you say humph, he, ha and everything has been said.”  Edgar Degas

photo: Daniel Davis

I recently watched Woody Allens “Midnight in Paris” for the first time (and after a long wait).  It was everything I hoped it would be and more.  I have been in a massive state of creation lately with a new body of work and it was a perfect film to offer me a bit of reflection on a few of my artistic hero’s.  I am always looking for films that can coincide with a “creative binge”, films like ones that Julian Schnabel,  Jean-Pierre JeunetWes AndersonMichel Gondry, or Charlie Kaufman/Spike Jonze would create.  Woody did not disappoint me.  So often I become like Gil and completely disappear when I enter my Paris (my studio).  I often find myself in moments where I am discussing art with my dead peers, sitting for a moment in my pink studio chair and talking to Andy, Jean-Michel, Franz, Rothko, Cy , Degas or many others whose books line my bookshelves’.  I get what Edgar is saying in the quote at the beginning of this post.  The greatest moments for me while painting are when am talking with my artist peers and moments where words don’t need to be spoken.  A look, a nod or a snear, a laugh or a grunt speak volumes and encourage the moment where the brush meets the canvas.

So as I continue to master my craft as a painter, I look forward to the silent moments I spend with my hero’s and search the quiet for answers and guidance as I move with the rhythm and dreams of one day becoming like them.


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