Impatient raging.

So, there are specific days that jump out at me every now and then where emotions seem uncontrolable. Days where the only refuge is found in a blank canvas, paint and brushes.  Well, today is one of those days and escaping to my place of solice is just out of reach.  I have returned to Austin, TX (home) after being on the road for an extended time and I won’t have a space for 3 more weeks.  I could feel everything building from the moment my eyes opened and my head lifted from my pillow, I tried to fight it and distance myself from the impatient rage building inside.  After 36 years I should realize that I can’t hide from who I am or how I was created.  So I went to find a quiet place to write, listen and be.  At least until I can calm down, relax and exit a few tears and thoughts.

Makoto Fujimura

Here is the music that is filling or drowning out every other sound around me into oblivion:

Active Child: You Are All I See, Curtis Lane

James Vincent McMorrow: Early In The Morning

Nathaniel Ratliff: In Memory of Loss

Wise Children: Absince & Reunion

Ugly Casanova: 180 South Soundtrack

Timber Timbre: Creep on Creepin’ On

City and Colour: Little Hell

Sbtrkt: SBTRKT

The Jezabels: Dark Storm, She’s So Hard, The Man Is Dead


I can not be plural.

Nervously I confiscate beats in this propaganda’d mind
that rests on a twisting pole fastened atop burdened shoulders,
weight, fracture, melody, drum, kick, flow,
movements ease past breakpoints and stare passed misty eyes and
malnutritioned passions,
mouth off to air if you think it helps,
conceited; you look like everyone else to me,
judgmental jewels around your wrist neck
that holds your small head in minimal thought patterns,
daylight and missed steps draw upon cracks in the
how’s her back doing these days, anyway?
resting cases in juried sheets that the cold holds dear
as the body shivers from entering,
this sums it all up,
5+ worry and 18x alright doesn’t get us numerically closer in any respect,
lead me on towards winters chill and the moons soft mist,
because clinging to dusty walls only begs of handshakes
that fall flat and stiff,
for, I am the one sitting and writing in the early AM,
borrowing time from the early arrival of the sun, the light,
fingers weary, yet, thoughts vomiting in type,
iridescent bulbs flicker and annoy,
but I am just one,
in the singular, boy…

New Video

Here is a video I recently created for my Fashion Company. All of the footage was filmed on a Canon 5D on our 2010 Road Tour, this year I will be touring the country for 8 months with my Art and Fashion line, so I hope to see you on the road. The footage was edited in Final Cut.

New Paintings

Here are some images of work done in the last few months. You can view more on my personal website at or on my Etsy page at

8 April 1973 | 36×48 | $3000

Pablo | 24x48 | $1500

Folsom | 24x36 | SOLD

Stories | 10.75x19.75 | $350

Born in Brooklyn | 24x24 | $500

Born in Ixelles, Belgium | 24x24 | $500

Era | 24x36 | $800

Ode to William | 24x30 | $800

Johnny | 24x30 | Sold

Travel'n Light | 24x36 | $800

Ate Bill Lee for Lunch | 48x24 | $1500